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St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Shady Cove, Oregon
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Welcome to St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Located in the beautiful town of Shady Cove, Oregon, just north of the winding Rogue River, St. Martin's is a small, inclusive Christian community that seeks to love and serve God in the Episcopal tradition. Our church family takes joy in gathering to worship, pray and break bread together.  We want to be good neighbors in Shady Cove, and we partner with individuals and organizations in the Upper Rogue community to respond to the needs of the world around us with compassion and generosity. We take seriously Jesus' command to "love one another as I have loved you." In this time of great concern for our nation and world, we seek to be a healing presence for one another and the world around us.

Whether you are a seasoned Episcopalian, a first-time visitor, or fall somewhere in between, you are welcome at St. Martin's! We are comprised of and reach out to the young and the old, the seasoned and the newcomer, those who are married and those who are divorced, partnered and single individuals, widows and widowers, those who identify as straight and those who identify as LGBTQ, the wealthy and those with limited resources, and families and individuals from any racial, ethnic, cultural or faith background. We are of different backgrounds and experiences, and we value the differences that enrich our faith community.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we offer one Sunday worship service outdoors at 9:30 a.m.. We wear masks and encourage social distancing to keep everyone safe.  Also, due to the pandemic, many regular gatherings have had to be postponed. Laundry Love is on hiatus until we can safely offer this outreach again. Our Food Pantry is being offered most weeks. Please watch St. Martin's Facebook page and look for the sign at the corner to know which days we are offering the Food Pantry. May this blessing that often concludes our worship be a blessing to you.

Life is short,
and we do not have too much time
to gladden the hearts of those
who travel the way with us.
So be swift to love, and make haste to be kind.
And may the Divine Mystery
who is beyond our ability to know
but who made us and who loves us
and who travels with us,
bless us and keep us in peace.  Amen.


St. Martin's Cares!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Shady Cove, Trail, Butte Falls and all in the Upper Rogue Valley. We give thanks for  firefighters who have contained the wildfires in our region, law enforcement who have kept our communities safe, civic and community leaders who coordinated response efforts, and EMS and other care teams who are supporting those who have lost much.

God bless us all! 

We are offering as much fresh food as possible each week to our community in need. Please watch for our sign on the corner of Cleveland and Hwy 62, and follow St. Martin's Facebook page.   With sometimes short notice from our resource partners, we often post the day of a Food Pantry. 

Sunday Worship 

St. Martin's will resume distanced indoor worship beginning Sunday, October 18. We will hold two services, beginning at 9 AM and 10:30 AM. Masks will be required for all (young children, youth and adults). We provide hand sanitizer and encourage hand-washing to keep everyone safe in the ongoing coronavirus.                                All are welcome. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide for the spiritual, educational, and social needs of our congregation and the community. To nurture a positive relationship with Shady Cove and the greater Upper Rogue community, we respond with compassion to the hopes, needs and concerns of the world around us. We provide outreach services, space and support programs, ministries, events and activities. Compassion, dignity, justice, excellence, and integrity are our watchwords. The ministry of Jesus is our model as we strive to be steadfast in serving all, especially those in need. We pray that we may continue to be granted the strength, courage, and love we need to serve God, each other and the world.


95 Cleveland St., Shady Cove, OR  97539


(541) 878-2166